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We had a strong need for a starting post player and Taylormade recruiting worked hard to locate a player that fit our need. CeCe created a situation that was positive for both us and the player and we look forward to working with him in the future. – Former Head Coach, Doug Patridge Memorial University

In conclusion, Cece and Taylormade basketball is a dream come true. Finally, I was able to secure a reputable and reliable source for my basketball recruiting needs. Thanks again. – Former Athletic Director, Bert Shillingford Monroe College

I have known Cece Taylor for just over a year now. Throughout this time period he not only was able to help me reach my current goals by placing me at a NJCAA division 1 college in one of the top conferences in the country, he also helped prepare so I was ready skill wise to compete at this level. Cece was always available to help me with any questions I had regarding training, academics and endless other topics. Throughout all of our contact he was consistently honest and open with me. Cece still helps me in various ways in helping improve my game and become the best basketball player I can be. I would highly recommend Taylormade Basketball to any individual who is looking to take their game to the highest level.- Student Athlete,Stephen Claussen Simon Fraser University NCAA D2

I came in contact with Taylormade Basketball at one of my basketball camps and reconnected with him through my club Coach. Cece remember my whole story I had told him about playing basketball in the USA. It was my dream as far back as I can remember… CeCe was very personable in speaking with my Mother because she did not want to me to go the USA. But as my Mother spoke with CeCe she became very confident that it was a good opportunity and she checked everything out that CeCe spoke to her about and everything was valid. My Mother must have phoned CeCe about 3times a day until everything was in place down in the USA. Once I arrived at the College everything was as he said it would be and even better… – Student Athlete,Gabby Jubinville Alcorn State University NCAA D1

If any kid has the money and can afford it, then I would highly recommend it.I had alright experience but meeting CeCe was a huge part of me getting recruited he helped a lot took a long time but he got the job done and he is a really cool guy to talk and ask for advise I am glad I met CeCe and I will continue having a good friendship with him in the future.- Student Athlete,Girece Kazumba Cameron University NCAA D2