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In today’s game there are numerous American born Student-Athletes that have entered Canada and really helped shaped programs and their surrounding communities while pursuing their education and career. Likewise, many Canadian Student-Athletes have chosen to take their talents to the United States meanwhile bolstering the reputation of the powerful NCAA. In addition, it is unfortunately that for some Canadian Basketball Student-Athletes not all have experienced the same amount of personal success as others and this has created a high turnover of Canadians who have improved their skill and maturity; but, are in need to return home and locate the right fit to continue their academic/athletic careers.

Regardless if your program is governed by the CIS, NCAA or CCAA the Taylormade recruiting services can help you find the right Student-Athlete to fit your Men’s Basketball Program. Whether you need a specific skillset, position and/or academic reputation, Taylormade  can locate your match as our Staff consists of various former CCAA, CIS and NCAA Coaches and/or who stay up-to-date with Student-Athlete movement of both sides of the boarder.

By subscribing to our Scouting/Recruiting Service, you American and Canadian coaches will receive access to some of the top Basketball Student-Athletes (male or female) in North American. Taylormade has access to the following Student-Athletes with the following nationality: Canadian, American, Brazilian, Serbian and Turkish.

To become a subscriber, you only need to choose one of two of the following options:

  1. 5 Star ranking system
  2. The information need to recruit and retain the Student-Athlete(s) of your choice
  1. 5 Star ranking system and database
  2. The information need to recruit and retain the Student-Athlete(s) of your choice
  3. Sign-and-Delivered Service – Whereas eliminate and/or relieve you of the time and pressures related to recruiting-process by delivering the selected Student-Athlete(s) sign-sealed & delivered.

US Student-Athletes

As a Student-Athlete in today’s basketball community there is fierce competition (hundreds of thousands) to be scouted, recruited and most importantly find the right Coach and/or basketball program for you to continue your academic/athletic career. If you are limiting yourself only to the Post-Secondary Learning Institutions in the United States (US) your chances of continuing to be a Student-Athlete decreases exponentially especially if your dreams and aspirations include playing at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division-1 and/or Division-2 levels of competition. If you are not an McDonald’s All-American or an ESPN Top 100 Student-Athlete, your chances are reflective of a minnow trying to survive in an ocean.

Question: Have your ever considered going to Canada to continue your educational/athletic pursuits? If not, you should start strongly considering it as an option. Taylormade Services are facilitated by American born former Student-Athletes who were just like you. Their backs were against the wall, they were down to their last few years of eligibility and/or options and they took the plunge – decided to take their talents to Canada and just like many others – that decision proved to be life changing. With Taylormade, you will be instantly connected with Canadian basketball Coaches/Programs (across the Canada ) at the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) as well as the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) who are looking for next American to catapult their programs into a national championship contender; but who also has dreams of becoming the whale-in-a-small-pond.

Don’t let your dream slip by you.As a staff we have been where you are emotionally as a player.We have the direct access ad ears of the coaches who are looking to make the changes to there roster for those players that can make an impact.There are only a few spots a year for imports so coaches are selective and like to have reputation and relationship with the staff who they get there players from and we have established that over a period of time.So if your tired of going to open gyms tired of waiting for the perfect situation to fall out of the sky.Then correspond with us right away so we can start making a profile for you and getting you out of the local gym and back into a gym and educational institution to fulfill your dream of being a student athlete who received a free education.

Motivational Speech

For your next team gathering, orientation or coaches seminar. Taylor Made Basketball has you covered. We also offer public and or motivational speaking. Coach Taylor goes in depth about being a student athlete. How to be successful from the do’s and don’t of college life. He tells his own personal story its very easy for all coaches, players, and people to relate from all walks of life.For coaches we offer a recruiting seminar Coach Taylor goes in depth on how to recruit smarter and more efficient to gather the results from the desired student athletes you want. He gives the secrets of what made him one of the most infamous recruiters. In the game.So contact us today to do your next event no venue or audience is too big or small.