About Taylormade Basketball

Taylor Made Basketball was founded by Anthony Taylor in 2014. After leaving the college coaching ranks in Canada, Anthony wanted a way to connect student-athletes with institutions that would foster success on the court as well as in the classroom. From his time spent playing game in the United States as a college player…to his time coaching college players in Canada, Coach Taylor became very familiar with the ins and outs of the recruiting process.

Anthony has recruited players from all over North America as well as Brazil and Serbia . He spent time playing in France in 2008, so he has a wide variety of contacts. He is an advocate of the ‘student-athlete”. One aspect of college recruiting that stood out to him were the wants and demands of the schools doing the recruiting. He could see that there was a disconnect between players and these post-secondary programs. It quickly became apparent that many talented players from all over the world needed to be seen and promoted to have a chance to earn that elusive university/college scholarship.

So the main goal of Taylor Made Basketball is to see you succeed! Coach Taylor does his work with pride and careful consideration. He has a 100% placement rate (no other company out there can say that every kid that has come their way is placed in a school) for the players who he has worked with. Taylor Made Basketball is so successful with its placement and recruiting for two key reasons:

1. Some coaches don’t want to deal with your parents or some ‘know it all’ aau or club coach or business man…they want to deal with other college coaches who have the students best interest at heart as well a strong understanding of academic and institutional policies. Coach Taylor offers this positive, productive connection.

2. When you’re in the basketball world as a player and a coach for 21 years…you develop strong relationships that allow coaches and players to connect. Relationships are key in coaching. All coaches, administrators and team personnel know this. Coach Taylor has lived in 4 different countries and has developed positive relationships on all levels of life and basketball.

So please contact us today to start building a relationship with college coaches and get yourself a college scholarship! We will evaluate your talent level and see if we can help you get on the path you want. Our focus is squarely on matching the right student-athlete with the right university/college program.